Friday, May 18, 2012

Progress On The New Video ~

Here's one of the wonderful and unexpected things that gets to happen to us photographers from time to time: my exterior shot of the Dentus Dental Clinic (shown below) was made into a blanket which they give to some selected clients. In 40 years of commercial shooting, I think that's a first! The good folks at Dentus had offered their beautiful facilities to Dave and me to produce some working shots for our video, and I shot the exterior of their Vancouver WA clinic for their use.

Work on the video is progressing as planned, and should be available early this summer. Right now I'm polishing the voice-over work on the slides. It's based upon the program I've given to clinics and dental labs all across the country, and stays close to my number one priority: photography is a completely accessible skill that can be used -- and enjoyed! -- by everyone.

When I get back from NY at the end of the month, we'll start filming our "cut-aways", which are the live talking intros to the different sections of the video. That ought to be fun; Dr Dave (pictured here, practicing "the look") and I are looking forward to our stint as movie stars!
...actually, I'm sure no one in Hollywood will feel overly threatened....

I'll keep you informed as work progresses and the video is available. It's certainly a lot of work, but also some of the most fun I've had as a photographer.

Later, friends!             Dave: