Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why Learn Good Photography Skills? ~

What keeps me the busiest throughout the year?  More than study group presentations, more than email correspondence, more than face-time sessions, are my in-clinic workshops for dentists and their staffs. And it's not surprising why this should be: competent photography skills, particularly when used in shade-matching practice, saves you a lot of time and money.

Even the general practice benefits from using photography regularly. Research shows a higher rate of patient acceptance of recommended procedures in practices that consistently use photography.

The great news is that the required skills are really accessible to anyone, and the camera systems are pretty easy to master. Teaching those skills is what I am passionate about, and darn good at, too.

Shade-matching is where photography really proves its worth. There's no way that a written description, even including a numbered shade tab, can convey the amount of information that a good photograph can. The camera, flash, and macro lens systems we've talked about in many previous posts here make incredibly sharp and color-accurate images. This is pure gold to a dental lab.

My on-location workshops are typically around four hours, and involved a lot of hands-on practice chair-side. My goal is to leave behind a staff that is comfortable and competent with the camera -- its settings and operations -- and able to continue mastering the intraoral and portrait techniques that make for a successful practice.
The cost? Just about what one re-make costs your practice. And now there'll be fewer of them.

Oh and, yes, it's a lot of fun, too. Photography should be! So send me a note. Let's get together and make it work.

It's what I do.

Later, amigos!